Saturday 3 September 2011

LSNE Sep 2: Summer holidays...

Good morning!!!

Yesterday I learned/realised something that I am going to try to follow from now on... To have at least two consecutive weeks of summer holidays, away from home every year!

I don´t even remember when was the last time I was on summer holidays for more than a week. Probably when I was still a teenager. Be it work, financial issues, other issues - mine or my friends' -, I could never leave for more than a week. Of course, I do take two weeks off work every summer, but I would only leave Athens for a week or so.

This year I had an interesting conversation with someone who knows about these things and she told me that we need at least two, ideally three weeks of holidays to really get some rest. I was thinking of my holidays earlier this summer to Corfu - for five days. I had a really great time, but the truth is that I got back home and to work as tired as I was when I left. I had the feeling that it only lasted a weekend. On top of that, last year I didn´t manage to go on *proper* summer holidays (for me that means to a Greek island!) and I promised myself never, ever to do that again. So at the end I decided that on September I should go to a Greek island for two weeks (well, almost, actually it´s 12 days lol).

Yesterday was the fifth day of my holidays. 5. While we were having our dinner, I kept thinking that in previous holidays, by now I would be getting ready for my return, but now I still have one whole week of holidays! Really unbelievable!

And the truth is that since yesterday I feel a different kind of relaxation. I am not worried about anything, I am not thinking constantly of the day's programme as I did during the first days - "where are we going? which beach? what time? where are we going to eat? what time? when will I write today's blog post? one more day passed by and I didn´t do any crochet, when will I finish the baby blanket for my niece? etc etc etc". You get the feeling. Now... I'm just relaxing and do whatever I want to do!

Oh, and for the first time yesterday I forgot to "quickly check" my business emails... :D

So I have decided... from now on, each year I will leave for at least two consecutive weeks on summer holidays... even three if possible!

To the half-finished tag of today's learning, I will add the following picture, which is the view we have from our hotel balcony...


See you tomorrow,

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