Wednesday 16 February 2011

Balou gave birth!

So... there's this stray cat I've been taking care of for the last two years, almost since she was born. I was thinking that I couldn't take her home, as I already have two cats and I live in an apartment.

At some point she got lost, we saw her a couple of times near the neighbourhood and we thought that she might have found other friends...

A few months later she came back, frightened and tired. We started taking care of her again.

I tried once to take her home, but she got really scared in the elevator and had to let her go. Then, a week later we realised she was pregnant.

Last Thursday, she didn't want to eat the food I was giving her, she just wanted to be caressed and she was looking inside our building. I thought "that's it". I took her in my arms and off we went to my apartment.

I don't remember seeing a happier cat before! I just hope that she will get along with my other two cats when the time comes and they meet.

Anyway... this brings me to the reason for this post. She gave birth last Tuesday! Although I wanted to be by her side, I found out that she gave birth when I woke up. She had four kittens, but two have survived.

Here are the very first photos we took. I will keep posting more photos as they grow up.

Needless to say that I am crazy about them! I just hope that I can quickly find someone to adopt them and that Balou (that's how I have "baptised" her) gets along with Sakis and Lola, so that I can keep her. She is simply amazing!

2-6 hours old:

1 day old:

I will finally have some scrapbooking to do!!! ;o)
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Marie said...

Τι γλυκούλια!!!!! μια σταλίτσα είναι!!! τρελαίνομαι!!!

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