Friday 13 July 2012

Mini album - Panama


I have finally finished what I've been preparing these last few days and I can share it with you: a mini album about my trip to Panama 2,5 years ago.

A while ago I had registered for a seminar by Celine Navarro and Studio Calico called "Get Messy". Gesso, modeling paste, mists, masks the main materials... and the most important of all: FUN!

I experimented with many new (for me) techniques, some of those were successful from the first try, other resulted a bit more difficult for me. I saw what I like a lot and what I like so much that I will use for sure in my next albums and layouts. And the most important of all - I finally have an album with my favourite memories from probably the best trip I've had so far... Isn't that the meaning of mini albums?

So here are the pictures from the album. I hope you like it! (At the end of the post I have added separately each of the photos - thank you for asking!)

Oh yes... The final "bonus" photo is from (part of) my craft room when I finished the album... and it's not as messy as it was a few hours ago!


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