Sunday 19 May 2013

The Studio Challenges - Only 5 items (...or maybe 3???)

Good morning!

I'm finally back! I mean both back home and with a layout ;)

So today we have the second challenge of the month over at The Studio Challenges (remember? I'm a guest designer this month!)

This challenge is awesome!

"Create a layout using 5 things only!
For example if you use a sheet of patterned paper that counts as one and washi tape counts as one as well!
(Photo, glue, cardstock for background, pen and stitching counts as nothing)
There's a little twist too, as we are sponsored by the lovely chipboard company Memory Maze please make one of the items is chipboard!"

So let's see what you can create!

And here's what I did:

And the materials that I used:

As you can see, I took the challenge literally. Only five items: a pattern paper, a piece of vellum, a washi tape, a chipboard and a pen. And that's not because I'm brace, it's only because I didn't realise that there were some items that didn't count as one! hahaha

My very first choices were the vellum paper and the pen because I knew they would allow me some flexibility. With only these two I made:
- The title letters
- The arrow next to the title
- The background below the photos
- The camera (with the vellum it was easy to copy another design ;) )
- The black frames on the top and bottom of the layout (yeap! my hand hurt after colouring all this paper!)
- The black circles - I like to think of them as fake splashes

I chose this particular pattern paper on purpose because there were the bubble talks on the other side. I cut off the piece that is covered by the photos and then used several of the bubble talks that would make sense.

The journaling is also from the pattern paper - you know, this additional part that has the name of the paper and the company? The "Why not?" part is the name of the paper actually.

I used washi tape to alter the heart chipboard and cut three arrows

And the layout was ready!

So, what do you think, will you try it out? What I really loved about this challenge was that I had to think creatively!

Come over at The Studio Challenges to get ideas from the design team and play with us. The sponsor this month is Memory Maze


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pysselpetra said...

Wow you really manage to make a lot with almost nothing ♥ Love the page

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