Monday 17 June 2013

Scrapbookers in Greece - Favourite habit

Good morning!

A really quick post today... there's too much work!!!

So today we have the June challenge for Scrapbookers in Greece. The theme this month is about one of our favourite habits. I liked it very much...

My layout:

...We are already in mid June and the weather is quite warm already... but I chose a winter habit of mine. Taking a 20-30 minutes power nap on my sofa, with my favourite blanket and my three cats on or next to me (usually on me! Yes, all three of them!)... such a delight!

The photo was taken just after I woke up from one of my power naps... the cats wouldn't leave the blanket ;)

So come over at Scrapbookers in Greece to see their gorgeous creations, find out about their favourite habits and play with us! The winner will get a really nice gift!

...And don't forget to vote your favourite creation for May! You can do so with the famous blue frog links on the right of the blog. Voting has already started!


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Elena Stefanidou said...

Είσαι καλλιτέχνης!!!!
Κι μ'αυτή τη φράση που τα χωράει όλα,σε φιλώ.
(και που τα βρίσκεις όλα ταιριασμένα τέλεια!! - δεν άντεξα να μείνω στη μία φράση)

alexandra polyzou said...

θα συμφωνήσω με την προλαλήσασα!!!!απίστευτη σύνθεση!!!δεν τη χορταίνω....είναι και αγαπημένο το θέμα σου!!!φιλάκια πολλά!!!

ioanna said...

Και εγω συμφωνώ είσαι απίστευτη !!!!!
Η σύνθεση ειναι καταπληκτικη λάτρευω τα πατουσακια.... εκτός όλων των άλλων !!!
Σε φιλω :-)

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