Tuesday 4 February 2014

SST - Layout - 1000 steps from home

A really quick post, as I have so limited time!

I'm going away on a business trip and it might be that I won't be back until Friday, which is the deadline for the Supreme Scrap Tournament. So I had to make a layout before I left... It was the best I could do given the limited time!

So, we had to make a double page layout (my first ever, not a great fan of them I have to admit) with photos from our neighbourhood, up to 1,000 steps from home. And here is what I managed to put together:

I don't like where I live... So as soon as I have some time from work, I'm planning to get away from the city centre for the first time in my life.

And here are the two pages separately:

Hope you like it!


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