Wednesday 15 September 2010

Christening invitations

I haven't been making any cards lately, I have been too busy I am afraid... First a business trip last week, and then during last weekend my cousin and myself were preparing some invitations for the christening of the daughter of a friend of ours. Here are some pictures and a description of how we prepared it.

The christening theme is the girl you see in the photo and the colours used for everything related to the christening are pink and beige ecru.

First, we actually prepared the stamp with the girl and the name of the baby (isn't that customized or what?). I was so excited, as it was the first time we prepared a stamp. We used the Stamp!t kit from Imagepac. The first attempt was a disaster. Lesson learned: avoid using transparencies to print the artwork! The light of the lamp used to solidify the gel goes through the black printed on the transparency. The second attempt, although we were sure it wouldn't work, actually did the work. Lesson learned: a simple white inkjet paper will work (although we did reinforce the printed black with a permanent black pen). I was excited to see how clear the name was on the stamp

Once the stamp was ready, we started cutting the card stock on which it would be stamped. Then, we used a pink pigment inkpad and transparent embossing powder. One was stamping, the other was embossing. Good teamwork!

Our work then was simpler, which was a good thing after all this stamping and embossing! Cut the pink card stock paper we would use as a frame, round all edges (pink and beige ecru card stock, card blank), glue everything together.

As a cute detail, we stamped a small pink bow on the back of the envelop.

Finally, the invitation text was printed on a pink pearl paper, corners rounded and glued on the inside of the invitation. 

And then, my cousin took some great photos of the invitations! Aren't they great? The photos I mean ;o)

We have more work to do for the christening, as we are going to prepare the decorations and other materials needed for a proper Greek Orthodox christening ;o) Although not card-related, I will post here once we have finished them. So, another busy weekend full of fun!
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