Friday 8 October 2010

Birthday card for my brother

It's been a while since my last post. I've been working long hours, been on short holidays to Cyprus, as well as to a couple of business trips, I have been sick... quite a busy month this last one!

This is a card I prepared almost a month ago for my brother's birthday. I couldn't post it earlier, as I hadn't given him the card - I kept forgetting it at home. Anyway, this was the first card I was making for a male, so I wanted it to be simple, and the colours less bright than usual.

The technique I tried for the first time was distressing the paper. For that, I used Tim Holtz Distress ink "Frayed burlap". Although I have to admit that distressing is not one of my favourite styles, I wasn't disappointed of this first attempt, and using Distress Inks is, indeed, very easy!

...And in case you wonder about the number 156, let's just say that this is my brother's favourite number ;o) Pin It

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