Saturday 19 March 2011

Get Creative - March 10 Challenge

Finally today I did my second layout ever...  for the Get Creative Challenge of March 10.

Inspirations, first the following sketch by Chryssa for Get Creative.

And second... Marilou, the kitten born in my house a month ago. I am trying to find a cat-friendly house for her, as I already have three cats and I cannot keep her. She is so cute and nice that it will be hard to give her away :(

So, the papers are Alphabet Soup of My Mind's Eye. I prepared the pennants and the flowers with my new Silhouette SD which I received only yesterday - and I am thrilled!

But I do have a problem with photos... I can never take a good photo that would do justice to the colours. I will have to look for tips online, or to buy a new camera (not my preferred option obviously). If I manage to take a better photo tomorrow, I will replace this one.

Hope you like it!

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