Tuesday 24 January 2012

Crochet time...

On Friday the latest my cousin will give birth! I'm going crazy, can't wait! (And of course I'm taking Friday off work!)

So, I had to finish asap the baby blanket that I started back in summer. The last three days I have been crocheting like crazy to bring together all the pieces and to do the edging. I finished it last night, and now it's washed, ironed and received by the future mother.

I quickly took some photos, not the best quality and apologies for that, but it's better than nothing! Here you go:

Freshly ironed...

My cat Sakis seems to really like to blanket (ok, I'll admit it, he walked over it while I was taking the photos, I should have seen it coming!

And a close-up of the heart design:

So that's all from me for today... Now I have two more months to finish the white blanket for my other cousin who gives birth early April. I'm halfway through it, there's still much work left!!! Pin It


Anke (anke-art) said...

How sweet! The blanket is adorable, your cousin will be delighted! I've never seen the technique before which you used for the hearts. Are they crocheted onto the blanket afterwards?
Your cat is a beauty :D

Unknown said...

Thank you Anke!

The hearts were crocheted while I was doing the blocks, it is a stitch called bobbles. If you are into crochet, you can see the stitch here for example: http://www.redheart.com/learn/articles/learn-crochet-bobbles

My cat thanks you too ;D

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