Thursday 1 March 2012

Cherry Nest - Classy lady


I'm just back from a (relatively) sunny London to cold Athens... isn't it ironic? My colleagues in London were so happy to hear that it was snowing in Athens while they were enjoying the sun and they asked me to tell everyone that the weather there was better for once. So I'm letting you know now ;o)

Today I wanted to share with you a set of three cards that I had made for Cherry Nest. This wonderful pie de poule papers always make me think of the fashion world. So I thought of making a few dresses. I kept the cards very CAS to highlight the dresses and the sentiment:

At the beginning I wanted to make one card with all three dresses, playing with the red, black and their combination with a sentiment along the lines of "mix it up". But the result was a bit "too much" and then I thought of the 3-cards-set and I was satisfied with the result. And here are each of the cards:

For this last dress I kind of "weaved" together strips from the two papers. At the beginning the result seemed a bit too blurry, but when I cut it out as a dress I liked it.

I hope you like it too!

The Cherry Nest pied de poule papers I used, as well as the other supplies are the following:

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Lisa Minckler said...

Absolutely LOVE these! These are just crazy classy and fun. Excellent cards. :)

Lisa xx

Channa said...

Love it!! wow!

Anonymous said...

foveri opos panta!! nice idea!!


stelios ioannid

ioanna said...


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