Saturday 12 May 2012

A mini book for my aunt and happy news!!!

Good morning!

Finally, weekend!

Two days ago was the birthday of one of my very favourite aunts. The aunt I always admired because she was young, modern, beautiful, she was taking us to the theatre... She is the aunt you call with her name, the aunt you consider more as a friend than an aunt. The aunt that will help you however she can, she will go to the super market when you have had an operation and can't do the shopping, the aunt that will happily babysit so that you can go to work. She is our aunt Letta.

As she seems to appreciate very much the handmade presents I have given her, I thought I would make her a handmade present. So I went for a mini book dedicated to aunts.

I took some photo really quickly before giving her the present, so they are not the very best. I managed to "rescue" three so that you can get an idea.

The front page:

The last two pages:

The mini book is an accordion book with flags - the front flags are shorter than the back ones. Unfortunately I don't have a photo to show you how it looks like. But you can see it how it can stand open:

In the inside there are sayings about aunts and a number of embellishments.

She was very touched and I loved her even more.

Sooo... on another tone, I have some great news!!!! Our friend Alex Pantazi, who I first met for her amazing cards and then also for her fantastic crochet creations, has opened her etsy shop!!!

She has started with a number of wonderful beanies for girls of all ages and there will be more beautiful creations in the near future. You can take a look at her shop here and you can see her creations in her facebook page - My Serendipity Creations (and.... she also accepts custom orders!!!!)

I wish you all the best Alex!!!


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