Wednesday 31 October 2012

Addicted to iPhone

Hello again!

This is the second post for today, and although I usually avoid this, I have to meet a deadline for a layout I prepared the very last minute!

So Chrysa from Scrap and Grab has prepared a second challenge for October. I managed to prepare a layout for this challenge as well:

It's an inspiration challenge. Combining Van Gogh's saying and the photo you see below, Chrysa has asked us to prepare a layout for an item that we love (not people!) and use turquoise  orange and two more colours of our choice.

I was thinking about the item I could kind of dedicate a layout to. At the beginning I was thinking about the dishwasher (I'm not kidding!) and then I thought "what would really mess me up if I ever lost it?" Well, my iphone of course! And that's how this layout came about. The design with the squares is inspired by the iphone applications...

And a few close-ups:

I hope you like it!


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