Monday 11 February 2013

Winter in Warsaw


It's been while - since December actually - that I wanted to make a layout from my trip to Warsaw for my "business trips Amelie style" album. I kept delaying it so I got to visit Warsaw two more times, getting more photos - and stories to tell. At the end I didn't know how to include all the photos that I wanted, because each had its story. Finally an idea came to me... The first page:

Oh yes... my second visit to Warsaw was only 5 days after the first one and both the weather and the scenery were so different!!!

But I went back in January and then I realised that the snow I had seen the previous months was nothing compared to what I was experiencing in this last trip. To use all the photos, I added two more "half" pages below the first one. I kind of thought of that as a combination of layout and mini album ;)

The two photos above are from my hotel room, before leaving for work... everything was beautifully white, except the main roads that must have been cleaned during the night or early morning, as the previous night were still full of snow. I added a small glassine envelope with zloty coins I still had in my wallet.

And this is Warsaw from the train on my way to Poznan, and from the airplane when I was leaving. I told my colleagues there that they have to get me a project in summer as well, for the chance to see Warsaw in more colours than white ;)

To give you a better idea of the three half-pages, here is how they look like from the side:

For the layout I chose the colours of Poland - white, blue and red. I sewed the three pages together at the bottom to make sure they stay where they are. And I did my journaling below each of the photos.

For the top part I used a sky-with-clouds paper from October Afternoon, but the colour was more intense than what I liked, so I used to vellum papers on top. Behind the vellum papers, I added snowflakes.

If I could play along, I would participate at Get Creative's challenge that asks us to use snowflakes on our layouts... But since you can play, come over, we'll be waiting to see what you'll come up with!

Hope you like it!


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~~Nektaria~~ said...

WOW!!! I don't envy that cold... but I do envy this LO! I absolutely love the interactive element with the extra flaps and how you fitted all the extra fotos while keeping all the white space!!!
The red, blue and white colour scheme reminds me of a postage envelope ..= travel... just LOVE it!
well done!

Unknown said...

Anastasia an amazing L.O. Love your vellum idea...I am mad for the mini pages on the l.o what an amazing idea, I love it!!!!!!

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