Friday 12 November 2010

New blog

The last few weeks, after kicking off my two blogs, one where I share the cards that I make, and another one that I share with my cousin, sharing the items we decorate with the decoupage technique, I was thinking about starting a third blog, sharing my crochet and amigurumi creations. However, I was thinking that it would be tricky for me to maintain all these blogs.

Until yesterday I discovered that there is a way to add tabs (similar to the internet browsers) to my blogs! And Ι found an more convenient way to have separate posts for english and greek, so that my bilingual posts are not confusing to the readers.

So yesterday I spent some time (well, a few hours, as I know nothing about html editing and I am new with bloggin!) and finally I prepared my new blog, where I will be sharing the results from all my hobbies!

I just took some photos of some crochet items I have prepared... and now I am ready to post them as well.

So from now on, I will stop using my previous blog "Astero's cards" (luckily, there is a way to import my posts from there to this new blog! the things that one can discover, hehehe). I will use the current blog, where I will share everything that I make - and even more, soon enough I will post some photos of my cats!

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