Monday 23 June 2014

I'm still here!!!

It's been a while and so many things have happened... I moved to a new house (yes, the craft room was the last one I finished - only a few days ago!) and several other personal things so I didn't get to do anything crafty for almost three months!!!

But now I'm back with two layouts:

The first one is for  Scrap 365, inspired by its sketch this month:

And the layout that I made with the help of my new favourite gadget, the instax share, which is the subject of the layout:

And it might well be the first time that I share two layouts in one post. Yes, I did two layouts in one day (well, 2,5, but the third one is not finished yet ;)

And this is thanks to my great-great crafty friends. I finally met them again after a really loooong time, and this layout is dedicated to them mostly - but all the lovely crafty friends I have met these last few years. The paper talks for itself (oh well, let's admit it, it's the practice that I lack!), so I think this is by far the simplest layout I have ever made:

I hope you like them!


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