Monday 24 March 2014

SST Grande Finale - Part 1 - "Saved from the trash"

oh my, oh my...

These last few weeks have been crrrrazy! And it will continue like this for the following few weeks. So many things are happening, some good, some bad... One of the good ones is the following:

Yes! I've made it to the grande finale of Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014 both in cards and layouts! yoohoo!!!!

Another of the good news is that I'm moving to a new house! Which means that I am in a process of a huge clearance of my belongings. Which also means that I have already thrown or given away lots and lots of stuff.

And just three hours after I threw away three big bags of trash... the first part of the SST grande finale came:

Step 1:
1. Collect at least 10 different materials/objects that you would normally throw in the trash!
So collect stuff that you can’t buy in a store as a craft element/embellishment.
Examples are: labels of clothes, paperclip, aluminium foil, napkin, piece of cloth.
2. Collect a minimum of 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper size (30,4 x 30,4 cm) - 2 sheets for cards
3. Posting your choice:
Make a photo of these objects and the sheets that you choose

Number the elements and the papers and write this in your post.
We will tell you about the rest of the challenge after you post the photos!

And my first reaction was to cry out: WHAT A BAD, BAD TIMING!!! If only I knew about that a few hours earlier!!!

But then I thought wait... I haven't finished cleaning up my stuff. And I remembered a box of "memorabilia" that I've been collecting from my travel trips which I haven't used in the layouts I have made and I was going to throw everything away. So no wonder that I have chosen a number of tickets, maps, a boarding pass (I mean really, why have I kept that???) etc as big part of the chosen "escaped from the trash" elements.

So here are the photos of the elements I have chosen:

For the layout:

1 - protective plastic thingy that I found between some forgotten IKEA plates (the treasures one can find!)
2 - protective net around vases of chocolate spread
3 - tube tickets
4 - receipts (a few years old!)
5 - boarding pass
6 - IKEA fabric which have remained after I sewed my new pillow cases
7 - aluminum foil
8 - pages from a book I am not going to read
9 - credit cards statement inserts
10 - threads - again from sewing the pillows
11 - yarn - well, you know by now, from the pillow case I have crocheted
12 - napkins - I was collecting napkins that I liked for some reason and had thrown them away just a couple of hours before the challenge went on air. Luckily I found some more in another box!

And the papers, 3 from Pink Paislee Color Wash collection and two from Amy Tangerine Yes Please collection.

For the card:

1 - Tissue paper from a gift - I normally keep them because I love tissue paper, but this was too creased for me to use (I thought! ha!)
2 - protective net around vases of chocolate spread (same as in layout, but I have too different ones)
3 - fabric - had to cut some off from the layout stash
4 - napkins - from the same box as for the layouts
5 - book pages - from the same book as for the layouts
6 - Sweet & Low sachets - I hate them, but the cleaning lady is using them, she thought I am crazy and I asked her not to throw this away!
7 - rolling cigarette papers
8 - yarn - again had to take some from the layout stash
9 - thread - same story
10 - map - I think from Copenhagen?

And the papers:

A kraft paper, one from Heidi Swapp Serendipity collection and one from Crate Paper Story Teller collection.

So... let's see what the challenge is going to be about... only a few hours left before the second "stroke"!


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Τώρα το ανακάλυψα αυτό!Ανυπομονώ να δω τι θα κάνεις!!
Ειδικά με το αγαπημένο μας ύφασμα!!

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