Sunday 2 March 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament Round 3 - Doodling

Soooo... I made it to round 3 of the Supreme Scrap Tournament both in layouts and cards! Yeaaah!!! I huge thank you to all who voted my projects!

The new challenge is about doodling. I love doodling. I really do. But oh my, was it hard to make both a layout and a card with all the challenge restrictions!

For the layout, the rules ask for a single page (yes!!!), minimum four photos.

Restrictions: No people in the photos, no flowers (not a difficult one this for me, lol!), no alphas in any type of form other than handwritten.

Additional requirements: Doodling on two photos (not one, not three, not four), title and journaling directly on the layout.

...I mean, oh boy.

Since it is the last day of carnival in Greece, I thought of using one of the funniest photos of Lola and disguise her, using doodling as part of the disguise. So here is what I came up with at the end:

And a few close-ups:

So I turned my female cat Lola into a strange male with Dr. Seuss hat. She wasn't very happy about it. I doodled arrows, heart, star, exclamation mark, cut them out and glued them with foam stickers:

For the journaling I made Lola talk - and to keep it on the layout, I used white acrylic paint for the bubbles and wrote on them Lola's thoughts with Micro pens:

And for the title I tried a technique I've been wanting to try for some time now - using acrylic paint and a round brush for what is supposed to be a kind for brush script:

And now for the card...

Doodling again and the restrictions here are:

To write the sentiment directly on the card, not to use stamps or any images from any medium (stamps, papers etc), to doodle at least on three elements.

Inspired by Stephanie Ackerman, this is what I made:

I used glossy accent on the heart and the sentiment to add some dimension, and for the same reason I used foam stickers to glue the heart, houses and clouds:

Hope you like them!


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ioanna said...

Νατασακι μου τι καταπληκτικη ιδέα ειναι αυτη !!!! Μου αρέσει παρα πολυ ο τρόπος που εχεις ενσωματώσει τις φωτογραφίες στη σύνθεση σου και φυσικα το doodling την εχει απογειώσει !!!!
Η καρτούλα σου ειναι υπέροχη τι όμορφα χρώματα έριξες πολυ δουλεια !!!!!
Χιλια μπραβο φιλη μου θα σκισεις !!!!!!

Vasso Sofou said...

Δέκα από μένα και στις δύο!! άξιζε το διάβασμα!! :-) πάρα πολύ σου πάει το doodling και οι δυο είναι υπέροχες!!

Maria said...

Νατασα μου ευφυεστατη συνθεση αλλα κ η καρτα τελεια! Καλη επιτυχία!!

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