Tuesday 11 March 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Round 4: Hide and Seek (card)

Hello again!

As I said yesterday, today I want to share with you the card that I made for the fourth round of Supreme Scrap Tournament.

The challenge is the following:

Theme: free
Colour: free
Size: free
Type: free
To be used:
- Make hidden elements on the card: minimum of two.
- The hidden part of the elements should not be visible at first sight! It needs opening before we can see the hidden inside.
- Size of the elements is free
- Type of the elements is free
- One element has to be on the top of the card, the other(s) can be on to of the card or the inside. Your choice.
- Think of elements that needs to be moved or turned in order to read the title or quote of the card. Like a hidden note under a flap, a wheel that can be turned, popup etc.
- It is ok if a pulling mechanism is visible. Such as a piece of paper, a fiber or ribbon, a brad used for turning a wheel.
Not to be used:
- All kinds of ink (including spray ink and misting ink)
- No paint of any sort
- No stamps
- No gesso
- No chalk

No stamps for a card again... now this is hard! Luckily, there are rubons ;)

So, looking at the internet for some inspiration, I found a card called "iris mechanical card". I fell in love instantly. I thought that with my Cameo it would be easy to make. End result: it took me more than 4 hours!!!! Yes, I did enjoy it, but it was wayyy harder than what I thought! Here is the link if you want to give it a try anyway ;)  Iris Mechanical Card

And here is what I made:

So, my two hidden elements are one inside the other. With the "mechanism" I made, you pull down the lever and the widow opens to reveal an envelope. Inside the envelope, there is a message.

All alphabets used are rubons.

Hope you like it!


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