Sunday 19 December 2010

Crochet Christmas trees

This year I decided to make most of my christmas presents myself, since the last few months I am hooked to preparing things myself.

A couple of months ago I had made with crochet a few christmas trees that I wanted to give as gifts for Christmas. However, a few weeks ago I was very happy to accept an invitation to start helping my old Scout Group (Group 1 AirScouts of Pagkrati) as a member of team which I have no idea how it is called in english ;o)

Our first activity was to raise funds for the group with a Christmas bazaar. Unfortunately, due to too many business trips the last few weeks, I wasn't able to prepare something for the bazaar, so I decided to give these Christmas trees and to prepare a few quick Christmas cards.

These are the photos of the Christmas trees I crocheted. I found the instruction online, however I experimented with different sizes, some trees are taller and thinner, others shorter and thicker, no tree has the same size as the others.

I hope you like them... At least yesterday afternoon there was only one left ;o)

The photo is not clear as I took it in a rush just before I left to go to the bazaar...

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Jola said...

Choineczki z guzikami przeurocze:-)

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