Sunday 3 June 2012

A mini album for Ioanna


Trying out a few new things today... I thought of preparing a video to show you the mini album I prepared for Ioanna! If you haven't visited the blog of this beautiful 6 months old lady... well you have to! (ok, it's written in Greek, but that's not a problem anymore with Google translate, right?). Ioanna and her parents can teach us great things about how we face life. The purpose of the site is to make SMA - Spinal Muscular Atrophy know to the wide audience - I hadn't heard that before finding this blog either. It really worths the while to visit the blog.

I was very touched from the story and her parents' decision to make the most of Ioanna's life, their strength and their decision to make SMA more known to public. So I thought of making a mini album that can be enormously improved with photos and memories of Ioanna's first summer.

As I was taking all these photos today to show you the mini album I thought "no way I'm going to post all those photos!". So I decided to try and make a video. This is my very first attempt, so please bear with me! (I don't like the yellow tint of the video, but after I added the music and the subtitles, I could change it... and I just couldn't start from scratch once again!)

The supplies are from the Hello Summer kit that Lena of Enjoy Scrapping has put together. I also used ribbonts that Kiriakoula send me together with the gift that I won at her blog - thank you Kiriakoula!

I hope you like it!


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