Thursday 14 February 2013

E is for Enfado (=anger)

Good morning!!!

Today I want to show you another page I made for the The Craft Barn's Alpha Challenge. It is quote "darker" than what I usually do, and this has to do with the theme that I've chosen and what I was feeling when the idea came to me.

So for this fortnight the letter is E and I chose the word Enfado which means anger. And the page that I made:

You see the previous day before we got the new letter, I was boiling with anger. An old man in the neighbourhood had decided to park his car in front of my private parking space for as long as he needed to - and given that last winter he didn't move his car for months, it could well mean that I couldn't use my car for months. I won't give you the whole story as it would be too long, but the thing is that he showed a number of characteristics that really super-duper frustrate me... racism (he had assumed I was not Greek), complete lack of respect, arrogance, thinking only what suits him without caring how this affects the others.

So when the letter came out the following day and I was looking at the dictionary to find a word, the word Enfado - Anger just popped out and stuck to my mind. That's how this really strong page came out. From one hand I don't like it, as it seems to me quite violent and aggressive...  on the other hand I do like it, as it expresses how I feel when I am really, really angry (luckily, this is quite rate these last few years...)

I'm telling you, this Alpha Challenge is therapeutic!!!

Now I'm waiting for the new letter on Sunday to make something more cheerful!


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Anonymous said...

Therapeutic it is for sure, and I love your interpretation here. Fantastic page!
Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

daisy said...

It certainly captures your feelings. Luv the doodling around the edges of the pages & the black explosive word bubbles. Anger is not a bad emotion - it's what you do with it that matters.

Elaine said...

Wow - so bright and full of feeling. Hope you feel better now!!

Scrapmate said...

It's a brilliant and personal DPS. I think the Stampotique(?) image is perfect for it.

Karen said...

WOW! Fabulous interpretation, love that vibrant red! Thank you for joining in again with us at The Craft Barn x

Maggie said...

Great pages and I feel the anger lol! What a fabulous colour too


Sylvia said...

Great pages, the vibrant colour, words and image fit your "E" word perfectly.

Sylv xx

Alice said...

I love your page; vibrant and modern. Glad you got angry that day to produce this!

Anonymous said...

Love your page! so strong!

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