Thursday 17 November 2011

Christmas Cards! Holiday Card Boot Camp 2011

Yes, I'm back!!!

It's been so long I haven't posted anything. So many things have happened these last two months (unfortunately, nothing good) that I didn't have the time or the mood to make anything, much less to post. Sorry for going awol!

But... now things are getting into a routine again, so yes, I'm back! I've been craving to start preparing things, but the inspiration was limited. I wanted to start making some Christmas cards, and since I have subscribed to Holiday Card Boot Camp 2001 by the super-duper talented Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner, where a better place to find inspiration?

And indeed, as soon as I saw the three sketches by Kristina, the inspiration finally came to me! I decided to make all three sketches with similar supplies, colours and style, to see the result. And here it goes:



I hope you like them!

The supplies I have used are the following:

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Αlex... said...

Great cards,Natasa!!!!Missed you and your beautiful creations!:)
I want more...!

Mandy said...

beautiful cards! great job!!!

cheiron said...

Love the colors and patterns you used on these cards! Beautiful.

Suzanne Russell said...

Three Beautiful cards! I love the colors and your take on the different sketches, especially the first one. Great job. :)

Gwen said...

Great cards and congrats on being spotlighted!!

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