Saturday 19 January 2013

V is for... Viaje!

Hello - hello!!!

Today I've decided to follow and participate in a new challenge.

Thanks to my friend Eleni, I found out about The Alpha Challenge organised by The Craft Barn. The idea is to do an altered dictionary. Every 2 weeks they will choose a letter of the alphabet. All we have to do is find a word starting from that letter and alter our dictionary!

Now, a few weeks ago I decided to clean up my library and give away the books I don't need anymore via But when I saw my dictionaries from back when I was learning Spanish, I didn't know what to do with them. So as soon as I saw the challenge, I found the answer!

The first letter is V. I looked at the dictionary and chose a word that is key in my life: Viaje, which means travel (my job requires quite a lot of traveling within Europe). And here is what I made (apologies for the bad quality of the photo, it is late at night here now... I will try to take a better photo tomorrow!):

As you can see, I went crazy! For a while now I wanted to get my hands dirty, and I did exactly that! I have a box with memorabilia from my business trips, so I teared pieces of the maps I have collected and used a number of tickets - air tickets, metro tickets, train tickets... I used tons and tons of travel-related stamps which I accumulate for my travel layouts, and for some reason I wanted to use black, black... and black. So black it was. I even used my black soot distress ink, which I rarely do!

It was quite liberating to not think too much about what to do next. Whatever I would think, I did. And I think it shows. But I so liked the process, quite cathartic ;)

If you have dictionaries that will remain unused (one of the many victims of internet, right?), it's your chance to make a good use of them!

Hope you like it,


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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it ... and I'm sure that I'll be learning at least 24 spanish words this year!!! :) :) :)

Scrapmate said...

Love all the different elements on your page.

ionabunny said...

What lovely pages. I Like the black, black, black.

Anonymous said...

Magnifica Viage pagina :-)
You did great for your first page, looking forward to seeing the next.
Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

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