Friday 2 September 2011

LSNE Sep 1: Don't be fooled by happy faces and smiles

Here's my first lesson for September 1st: "Don´t be fooled by people's happy faces and smiles. They might still feel terribly scared inside".

This thought came up talking with my pregnant friends in that last two days. Three friends of mine wanted a baby. All tree of them are pregnant now. And they have all felt, or still feel, a strong fear. What have I done? Was it the right decision? How will my life become now with a baby? And many other that you mummies will know much better than me.

Not having a child myself, but thinking of the possibility of becoming pregnant, I can understand them - in theory. Other people (including myself) are so happy for them, and they assume that they should be flying to the moon themselves... But let's never forget that behind the happy smiles there might be other strong feelings as well.

And this does not go only for pregnancies. Have you ever seen one of your dreams come true, only to feel really scared about the future and how your life might change? I sure did a few times. When I moved to Spain - a dream come true, but oh so scared about whether it was the right decision and how my life would turn out after this change. With every new job - even finding my "dream" job - but then the fears started, would I be up to their expectations? Was it going to help my career, would it be too stressful for me? I don´t say this can be compared with a change as big as having a child, but I hope you know what I mean...

It always helps to think that whenever you feel overwhelmed by fear, a few months or years later you will be thinking of that period and smile... At least this helps me.

Well, I hope I didn´t overdo it with my very first lesson! lol

Now, on to the creative part...

I prepared the basics of the day, but haven´t finished it yet. This will have to wait until I go back home in a week's time. This is what I prepared so far:

The space I had to write the day's lesson was too small. So what I thought I would do from now on is to prepare a kind of envelope for each day. On the envelope I will be writing a short phrase, the "essence" of the lesson, while inside the envelope I will explain it a bit further - not only for a better explanation, but also for me to remember where the lesson came from...

What I need to do to finish the page when I get home is:
- Prepare the date that will go to the left of the page. For this I need my Big Shot and Tim Holtz's alphabet die cut.
- Prepare the explanation part as a small tag, and a hole and a ribbon

That's it for today... I hope you like it!

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