Thursday, 1 September 2011

September - Learn something new everyday month

Hello my friends!

Happy, happy September!

This year I signed up for Shimelle's online class "Learn something new everyday". In case you haven´t heard about it before, this is an online scrapbook class that encourages you to observe the world around you and learn from your daily experiences and findings.

I find the idea of journalling everyday for a month something new that we have learnt fascinating. A good exercise to focus our attention to everyday life and all the small and big things we can learn. Kind of appreciating life, if you know what I mean?

Given that I am currently on holidays, I want to commit into blogging my daily learnings everyday. However, although I have brought some basic supplies with me, I´m not sure if I can "scrap" my learnings everyday... and for sure I won´t finish the pages while on holidays, since I would need my Big Shot for the journalling days - and no, I haven´t brought that with me! lol Also, in case I do include pictures of what I have done, the quality won´t be the best possible, as I have limited capabilities of retouching the photos with the laptop I have with me, so I do apologise for the photo quality during the next few days ;o)

Now... today the class officially starts, but of course, I don´t have today´s learning yet as the day is just starting. So everyday for the next 30 days I will be posting the learning of the previous day. What I can share with you today are the preparations and the front cover I prepared one day before my holidays.

Because I want to take this "seriously" in terms of completing the whole month, I decided to keep it as simple as possible and do some preparations (which is not something I usually do I have to confess!). So I decided to work with a small tag-shaped album. I prepared the album base by cutting a 1.5mm thick cardboard with the Tags and Bookplates die cut from Tim Holtz. You can see the result in the following photos:

Then I primed the tags, as I will probably also use light-coloured papers and didn´t want them to look darker than they are...

And finally, I prepared the front page:

And that's all for now... Good month and good learnings!

See you tomorrow!

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anke-art said...

I'm the first to comment? Seriously? Such a wonderful post, thanks for sharing! I hadn't come across this LSNE challenge, and I absolutely love the idea. I did the 52Q challenge in 2009, but it was just one question per week ( Did you complete the whole September? Your work is beautiful :D

john hoffman said...

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