Tuesday 6 September 2011

LSNE Sep 5: With exercise, every little helps

The last few months I have been trying to find a way to do some exercise I can keep - ideally being funny, not too hard, possible to do even when I'm travelling. (Haven´t found it yet...)

Until now, I "knew" that, with exercise, every little helps. There are serveral advices on that respect, such as "Use the steps instead of the elevator", "Walk 30 minutes everyday" etc... Sometimes I follow the advices, others I don´t.

I've been on holidays for 8 days now. And last night I realised that the last couple of days I had started feeling long-forgotten muscles on my arms, legs, even the abdomen. It was quite surprising and I was wondering why was that so. Then I realised - it has to be the result of my daily swimming! So, just by having fun and getting refreshed from the hot sun, my body actually started exercising without me even noticing (or getting tired, or getting bored...)

That goes to show that, with exercise, every little does help. This is something I have to remind myself everytime I go for the elevator's button...

It's one thing to "know" from what others say, and another to know from your own experience (come to think of that, this could be another learning for the day, right?)

Until tomorrow,
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