Sunday 4 September 2011

LSNE Sep 3: Remember to laugh!

This lesson came from three people from Spain that stay at our hotel. They look like 20-someting years old and they stay just below our room. One of them has a really loud voice, which means that, whether we like it or not, we hear everything she says (both my brother and I speak Spanish). And all you can hear from her is either a criticism or a complaint about something. It´s really tiring, let me tell you (well, I can't avoid some criticism myself sometimes!).

These last three days they have been here, there are several lessons that have come to my mind. The main topics are respect and life satisfaction - or the lack of them to be precise.

However, all lessons were on the negative side and a kind of criticism themselves and I didn't feel like going there. What is more, I didn't want to remember any of the details in the future!

Then last night my brother made a comment that surprised me. While she was again critisizing a friend of theirs, George told me "have you realised that we have never heard them laughing?". I hadn´t realised that to be frank. And it made me think - people so young at age, having their summer holidays in a foreign country and such a beautiful place, you would expect them to have some serious fun, wouldn't you? Yet, in three days we hadn´t heard them laugh, not once!

So I said to myself that every once in a while I should try to remember when was the last time I had a good laugh. And if it was a while ago... then I should do something about it! Watch a funny movie, talk with a friend of mine, or even play with my cats. Something that will make me laugh!

Laugh is healthy, laugh is natural, laugh is... fun!

So please, my friends... I know some days are more difficult than others... but still... don´t forget to laugh!

Ah, I forgot to mention that inside the pocket I will add photo(s) of my favourite comedians...

Till tomorrow,

PS: I would also like to thank Natasa Tsouf for her tutorial on how to make blog buttons. That way I learnt about Picnik and I can retouch a bit my photos while I am on holidays (and as long as the strong sunlight in the balcony allows me!). Pin It

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